iBeacon was introduced by Apple Inc. to enable a new way of exploring locations and unlimited opportunities for interaction specially meant for iOS devices. This is a low-cost piece of hardware that uses battery-friendly, low-energy Bluetooth connections (BLE) to transmit messages with the help of smartphones. It determines the proximity and locations of nearby iOS devices perfectly and gives a superior level of personalization to the user experience. A competent iBeacon app development company can design apps that leverage the power of these low-cost transmitters to transfer small chunks of information from short distances. It is a type of indoor mapping system that provides real-time information on how offline customers interact.

How does it work?

iBeacon is enabled with Bluetooth Low Energy with a core functionality of connecting with nearby iOS devices. This iBeacon device consists of two parts, first is a receiver and the second is broadcast. The indoor positioning system determines the approximate context and also location.

This new class of technology uses low energy where smartphone apps can be configured to recognize these signals through Bluetooth. With the launch, of wearable devices, at least one-third of smartphone users keep Bluetooth enabled which give iBeacon an upper hand among other technologies.

Uses of iBeacon in retail market

Many brands are using iBeacon apps to measure traffic at the individual store level. It is a massive marketing opportunity to provide a better customer experience and influence the buyer journey. Based on the customers demand while moving within store retailers can use product placement. This can even increase sales, as they can figure out which merchandise is of interest to whom and the reason behind it.

For retail sectors, one can send push notifications about product specifications, videos of how to use it, and even coupons tailored to every client based on past purchasing and in-store behavior. The process is that firstly Bluetooth must be enabled on a user’s phone, then the user must have already downloaded the app and lastly the user must have consented to the terms of use conditions presented by the app. They can even get to know who a repeat customer is if that customer has used the store’s wifi.


iBeacon App Development

Very soon we will see that iBeacon apps will soon be everywhere and we would need to develop smart and beautiful mobile applications that will be compatible with the iBeacons technology. These apps will be the perfect solution for one-to-one user interaction for all types of enterprises. By hiring reputed app developers, we get personalized iBeacon apps for taking your customer interaction to an intimate level.

This option gives liberty to company owners to focus on their core business and enhance location and proximity functionality. iBeacon app development also provides cutting edge Digital experiences by Connecting the physical world on this platform. Various industries like IT, Retails and many other ensures that iBeacon technology is a not only valuable addition to client business ROI, but is an able device to convert your project ideas into something innovative.


Choosing the right iBeacon app development company

Before taking into consideration of hiring good firms to get the best iBeacon App development, you need to check for the following mentioned criteria.

  • Business Values
  • Competing Pricing
  • Authentic Methodology Support
  • Security and Privacy
  • 1 Year Maintenance Support
  • Professional Development Process
  • Seamless, robust connection implementation
  • Technical expertise and extensive skills
  • A proven track record for providing iBeacon app high-quality solutions
  • Team of best iBeacon app developers
  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • On time delivery within budget

Benefits of Hiring an Expert and professional iBeacon app development company

  • You get Custom app solution at a delivered time frame
  • Endless customized Secure iBeacon application
  • Attractive app design as per your requirements
  • Development costs is Reduced
  • Creative iBeacon App Development for increasing your Business

Future of iBeacon technology

In the future days, we can hope to see a transformation among market retailers, event organizers, and other educational institutions where they will introduce iBeacon apps to communicate with people indoors. Even in household automation, consumers might even want to deploy iBeacon as part of home systems.

iBeacon has quickly captured the imaginations of marketers and has brought a shift in the marketing paradigm with some grocery shops and retail outlet implementing iBeacon technology to create an outstanding shopping experience for their clients. Now consumers have access to whatever they want, wherever they want thus creating an in-store experience for their consumers implementing iBeacon.


Other than this it even created a mark in the entertainment segment with Major League Baseball expanding its initial project in experimenting to install 100 iBeacons each in 20 ballparks. iBeacon is useful for searching items nearby and is useful for phones which show notifications nearby your location. Thus, we get to see the opportunities for this real-time targeting technology are endless.


Apple is already gearing up for a retail world in which iBeacons and the apps will create a niche for customer segments. With combining the latest technologies like iBeacon one will able to get elegant user experiences in their respective businesses.


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