Enhancing your Core Retail Business with iBeacon Technology

iBeacon was introduced by Apple Inc. to enable a new way of exploring locations and unlimited opportunities for interaction specially meant for iOS devices. This is a low-cost piece of hardware that uses battery-friendly, low-energy Bluetooth connections (BLE) to transmit messages with the help of smartphones. It determines the proximity and locations of nearby iOS devices perfectly and gives a superior level of personalization to the user experience. A competent iBeacon app development company can design apps that leverage the power of these low-cost transmitters to transfer small chunks of information from short distances. It is a type of indoor mapping system that provides real-time information on how offline customers interact. Continue reading “Enhancing your Core Retail Business with iBeacon Technology”


Apple Watch – Native App Development Services that are Defined by Excellence

The wearables industry is expected to play a huge role in the enterprise world, and also will lead to smart mobility. And among the latest fad, Apple Watch is one powerful and more accessible technology. In the future, this wearable will open new dimensions in the relationship that people have with technology and it is already one of their most personal product to be worn. Every Apple Watch App Development Company is now trying to leverage the technology to the highest.
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